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    Titanium has been used in construction for 40 years. It is currently used in buildings in Japan, the United States, China, the United Kingdom, Scotland, France, Germany, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada, Peru, Singapore and Egypt. titanium. In terms of titanium used in construction, in addition to roofs and curtain walls, there are also building walls, decorations, sculptures, monuments, etc. The application of titanium in the field of construction has successfully solved the corrosion problems of many coastal buildings and has also provided titanium with It opens up new application areas in the construction field.

    Titanium as a decorative material has the following main characteristics:

    (1) Light weight, good strength and not easy to rust;

    (2) Color can be adjusted and controlled as needed:

    (3) Easily matched with other materials. Focused use can increase added value.

    In terms of titanium for construction, Japan is in a leading position and built the world's first titanium roof (Hayasuihime Temple) in 1973. 1995 was the heyday of titanium for construction in Japan, with an annual titanium consumption of 294t. Japan has mature technology in this area, has accumulated rich experience, and has accepted orders from abroad. The current market size is about 200t/year. Nippon Steel Corporation of Japan produces titanium building materials with high quality and unique design based on its excellent cold rolling and surface treatment technology.

    In order to promote the application of titanium in the construction field, the American Timet company not only provides a variety of products, but also offers a 100-year quality guarantee. In October 1997, Timet provided 80t of exterior decorative titanium plates for the outer walls of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, becoming a pioneer in the use of titanium in European and American construction. Titanium was selected for the roof of Abu Dhabi Airport in France, and the amount of titanium used in the structure reached 800t. The airport is the first example in the world of using titanium as a building structural material. The outdoor cafe in the Conde Nasta corporate building in New York uses 5t titanium as its interior decoration.

    The first large-scale building in China to use titanium was the Hangzhou Grand Theater. Later, titanium metal plates were used in the metal curtain wall of the roof. More than 6,000 industrial pure titanium plates were used, weighing I60t. The central building of the National Center for the Performing Arts in Beijing has a unique shell shape, and its surface is cleverly spliced by 18,398 titanium plates and 1,226 ultra-white glass. Titanium is chosen as the cladding of the metal plate for the round arch. The roof structure from the inside to the outside is: steel structure oval shell, sound insulation layer, thermal insulation layer, waterproof layer, and exterior decoration layer (made of titanium from Nippon Steel Corporation of Japan). Composite panel roofing), the total area of titanium cladding is 36,000m2, using titanium material 60. The completion of these two projects has greatly promoted the application of titanium in my country's construction industry.

    China's use of titanium in the construction field first started in the Baoji High-tech Zone, where a titanium sculpture with a titanium droplet symbol was installed in the district's fountain. In 1987, the titanium sculpture "Dolphin and Man" made in Baoji was placed in Baoji Riverside Park. Two years later, the same titanium sculpture "Dolphin and Man" was produced for the Beijing Institute of Oceanography. In 1999, a large-scale titanium sculpture "Qiankun Ball" was designed and manufactured for the Xingtai City Center Square. It is 6 meters high and is entirely made of titanium. The amount of titanium used is about 2.5 tons. In April 2001, a large-scale titanium sculpture "Rooster Crowing" was built, adding a new landscape to the pedestrian street of Baoji City. The overall height of the sculpture is 8.2m, the chicken wings are 1.8m long, and it weighs more than 2 tons. Due to the use of nitriding technology, the surface appears golden yellow.

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